Fur Coat Totin’ Safaree Says Nicki Minaj Told Cardi B Congrats To Hide The Taste Of Haterade [Video]


Safaree Doesn’t Think Nicki Is Actually Happy For Cardi

The rumors of a feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have been swirling since Cardi started to get any type of success (as normally happens between Nicki and pretty much any other female). Though it might just be media fueling rumors to pit women against each other, many people have claimed in the past that Ms. Minaj is constantly blocking other people’s shine to ensure hers lasts as long as possible. Whether that’s true or not can’t exactly be confirmed, but Nicki did wish Cardi a huge congratulations after “Bodak Yellow” reached number 1. There’s no way to tell if someone is sincere or not in a tweet, but would you blame Nicki for being a little salty that a fellow female came onto the scene and surpassed her own milestones so quickly? Safaree, Nicki’s ex-boyfriend of 10+ years, seems to think that her congratulations was a whole bunch of BS. The two former tings haven’t talked to one another, so it’s not any type of inside info that Safaree got from Nicki herself–but after being with somebody for so long, you would be privy to character traits that others aren’t. Safaree, with no hesitation at all, says that he knows Nicki isn’t happy that Cardi is getting so successful, and her well-wishes on Twitter were only to hide her bitterness. Yikes. Y’all agree with Safaree? And should he still be going on shows just to talk about his ex from years ago?

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