Pathetic POTUS: Kimmy Cakes Has Had ENOUGH Of Donald Trump’s Donald Trumpiness


Kim Kardashian Calls Out POTUS’ Puerto Rico Efforts

There’s only a few things that are guaranteed on the internet, and one of them is that if Kim Kardashian (or any of the Kardashian sisters) posts absolutely anything, people will find a way to hate on it. Hate Kim K you may, but her and her family have been at the forefront of celebrities donating cash to the efforts for the recent natural disasters. The profits from her recent Vogue Mexico cover shoot went to hurricane relief for Mexico and Kim’s been very vocal about urging fans to donate with her to Puerto Rico. In what is unfortunately very unsurprising news, Donald Trump has been less than supportive of Puerto Rico since their devastation from Hurricane Maria, and has started to even call out their mayor insisting she’s a bad leader. We already knew President Cheeto didn’t like brown people, but since he found out PR is apart of the United States a few days ago, he’s been hurting them more than helping. Americans have been all the way fed up with how POTUS has handled the situation, even Kim K. After Don tweeted at the people of PR to not believe fake news, she responded with the quickness.

round of applause Of course, the first reply is someone suggesting Kim stop taking selfies to help herself (ha ha) but as much as people criticize celebrities…it’s not their job to help, it’s the president’s job. Shoutout to Kim and all the other celebs with a big reach using their voice and money for good.

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