#NYCStripperStrike Leader Says She’s Banned From Dancing As Club Owners Hike Booty-Clapping Fees

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Stripper Strike Leader Reveals New Fee Hike For Strippers

Veteran NY shake dancer Gizelle Marie has been single-handedly leading the strike amongst strippers in the area, and says she has become persona non grata because of it.
“I have been banned from the urban clubs like Starlets, Lust, Angels and Traphouse in New York. Right now, I am not working, but I have been really smart with my money so I have some cash saved. I am so focused on this strike because it became like a new job to me. I am not the only one . . . There are other dancers behind me, and no one knows who they are, and we are going to keep it that way because they are afraid to lose their jobs.”

If you’ll recall, the strike began because clubs were treating darker skinned and Black strippers with much more disdain than fair or Latina girls, refusing them access to the stages and VIP areas. In addition, all dancers are being pushed to the side for bartenders, who are equally scantily clad, often dance as well, and often aren’t even licensed to bartend — just popular “IG models” with a big thirsty following that will turn out to the club to see them in real life. Now, Gizelle says girls are getting hit over the head with insane $150 or more fees to even have the privilege of popping it…especially if a celebrity is expected during the evening.
“Managers are now raising house fees for dancers….The other night Fabolous was booked for a club, and the entry fee for dancers was $200. Years ago, girls could make thousands in one night. But now, girls are paying large house fees depending on the event.”
Man, looks like stripping isn’t the lucrative tuition-payer it was, once upon a time — at least not in color struck NYC clubs. Instagram/Getty

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