Deplorable: Trump Tells Pregnant Widow Of Solider Killed In Niger ‘He Knew What He Was Signing Up For’

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He CAN’T be serious…

Trump Makes Insensitive Comment To Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s Widow

Another day, another deplorable action by y’all’s disgusting President. Florida Rep Frederica Wilson is exposing Trump for a phone call he made to the pregnant widow of a fallen soldier in Niger. According to the Congresswoman who listened to the phone call on speaker phone, Mango Mussolini told Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson who was killed in an ambush alongside three Green Berets, “he knew what he signed up for …but when it happens it hurts anyway.” The NYDN reports that Myeshia then got off the phone with the Deplorable In Chief met her husband’s remains at Miami International Airport, draped herself over his casket and sobbed as their two children, ages 2 and 6, stood nearby. Congresswoman Wilson is continuing to air out Trump for his insensitive remarks and she now claims that he didn’t even know the soldier’s name. Trump claims he has proof that the Congresswoman is lying, but we all know that’s just another fabrication from this Hellman’s Hell Boy.

Shut up, stupid.

What do YOU think about Trump’s comments to the widow??? It’s clearer than ever that he’s aboslutely unfit for the White House.

Bold Azz Beckies Toss A Drink On Lakers Fans Who Knelt During The Anthem [Video]

A young woman by the name of Savannah Sugg decided to play anthem police at the Lakers game the other night, running up on two black or latino Lakers fans who decided not to stand during the Star Spangled Banner. “Excuse me…this is for the national anthem you pieces of sh*t!” she said, while tossing her drink. No word on if Savannah faced any repercussions for her act at all (we doubt it), but she’s very lucky no one decided to send her tumbling down the concrete stairs after her assault. Tossing a drink is a definite fight igniter…but the two young men were smart not to get physical with her, as we all know who would have faced the consequences there. But in the meantime, the drink tosser and her hypeman camera operator have been identified. Hopefully, someone extends them the same courtesy they showed these young men:


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Pens Letter Stating That He Expects ALL Players To Stand For The Anthem

Roger Goodell Advises NFL Owners To Push Players To Stand

With SOME team owners flat out giving their players an ultimatum, while others lock arms with their team and kneel alongside them…Commissioner Roger Goodell decided to hop into the fray and lay down some ground rules. Goodell sent a letter out to NFL executives on Tuesday, advising them on ‘moving past the controversy,’ and having players stand for the anthem in the interim. ESPN’s Adam Scheffer broke the news of the letter via his Facebook page earlier today: And while the commissioner claims he “cares deeply about his players and respect their opinions and concerns,” he still wants them standing up until he can do some damage control and roll out a “new plan” for how Black players are permitted to express themselves with the team owners and coaches.
We live in a country that can feel very divided. Sports, and especially the NFL, brings people together and lets them set aside those divisions, at least for a few hours. The current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country. I’m very proud of our players and owners who have done the hard work over the past year to listen, understand and attempt to address the underlying issues within their communities. At our September committee meetings, we heard directly from several players about why these issues are so important to them and how we can support their work. And last week, we met with the leadership of the NFLPA and more players to advance the dialogue. Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us. We also care deeply about our players and respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues. The controversy over the Anthem is a barrier to having honest conversations and making real progress on the underlying issues. We need to move past this controversy, and we want to do that together with our players. Building on many discussions with clubs and players, we have worked to develop a plan that we will review with you at next week’s League meeting. This would include such elements as an in-season platform to promote the work of our players on these core issues, and that will help to promote positive change in our country. We want to ensure that any work at the League level is consistent with the work that each club is doing in its own community, and that we dedicate a platform that can enable these initiatives to succeed. Additionally, we will continue the unprecedented dialogue with our players. I expect and look forward to a full and open discussion of these issues when we meet next week in New York. Everyone involved in the game needs to come together on a path forward to continue to be a force for good within our communities, protect the game, and preserve our relationship with fans throughout the country. The NFL is at its best when we ourselves are unified. In that spirit, let’s resolve that next week we will meet this challenge in a unified and positive way.

Hmmm…not hard to read between the lines on this one. We wonder what his big plan is for Black players to express themselves in an “acceptable way” will be? Getty/Facebook

Here’s What Happened When The Juice Was Loosed From Prison

O.J. Got Free & Shattered The Internet

The whole entire world is in shambles, but hey, at least the Juice is officially loose after serving 9 years in prison (for stealing his own property) that ended with a very lowkey release and never-ending hysteria across the internet.

Peep the Twitter chaos over the Juice’s release on the flip.

Lil Wayne Skips South Carolina Concert Because He Wasn’t Feeling Going Through Security Check

Lil Wayne smiling WENN

Lil Wayne Skips Show Because He Wouldn’t Go Through Security Check

Apparently, Lil Wayne doesn’t “do” security check. At least he didn’t plan on doing so for his recent appearance in South Carolina. Wayne was supposed to appear at the 2nd Annual Fall Ball, featuring Cardi B, 2 Chainz and Tory Lanes, but because he reportedly refused the mandatory security sweep, he wasn’t permitted in the arena. Reps for the Colonial Life Arena released the following statement on their website: “While we regret the artist’s decision not to perform, Colonial Life Arena is not willing to bypass its security standards and jeopardize the safety of its patrons, performers or staff members.” And according to US Weekly, patrons aren’t even eligible for refunds over the incident…since Wayne wasn’t the headliner. Smh. We wonder what Wayne had on him that he didn’t feel like security needed to see? Or maybe it was just the principle…who knows. Getty/WENN

Slut Savage: Amber Rose And 21 Savage Clap Back At Folks With Something Sideways To Say About Their Ho-Saving Boo-Loving

Amber Rose and 21 Savage are seen marching at the 2017 SlutWalk in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Amber Rose And 21 Savage Defend His Slut Walk Appearance

21 Savage got dragged to Simp City after showing up with his lady Amber Rose at her annual Slut Walk, dressed in a matching outfit and donning a sign declaring “I’m a Hoe Too!” We guess the couple just saw this as him being supportive of her passion, but social media saw it as an opportunity to roast the young rapper for his poon-whipped ways. But what does 21 have to say about all the slander? Instagram Photo 21, with a little coaching and co-signing from Muva, let the critics know that they needed to hop up off his manhood and accept that he had fun on the ho-stroll with his lady over the weekend. Amber, however, wanted to know what people thought young Savage should be doing instead of supporting his woman. Instagram Photo We’re not sure how Amber reached the conclusion that critics wanted her boyfriend to beat and brutalize her or commit acts of terror on her event. From most comments, it seemed a lot of folks just figured he might sit this one out and let his lady do her feminism thing without leading him around hand-in-hand in a matching outfit. But, hey what works for this couple works for them! Getty/Splash

Hail Mary: Here’s What Erica Campbell Thinks About Her Sister Getting Bible Thumped For Trump

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It’s the God in her…

Erica Campbell Defends Her Sister Tina From Trump Criticism

After her sister/Mary Mary counterpart got bible thumped for admitting to voting for Trump, Erica Campbell is issuing a response. As previously reported people are BIG mad that Erica’s sister Tina stated that while she “doesn’t agree with a lot of his decisions”, she thinks Cheeto In Chief’s Christian values align with hers, which is why she voted for him.
“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of,” said Campbell to The Root. “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote. Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make me vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.”

She added however that “many of his decisions” she hasn’t been in agreement with at all but nonetheless she’s been getting eviscerated to Ecclesiastes for her comments.

and now her sister’s jumping in to defend her. According to Erica Campbell, reports that “Trump’s Christianity caused Tina Campbell to vote for him” are untrue. Instagram Photo You sure?

Adriana M. Barraza/

See a comment from Tina Campbell possibly on her Trump criticism on the flip.

Nice Try! Blac Chyna Denies Choking Rob Kardashian With An iPhone Chord

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Nope, still ain’t over…

Blac Chyna Responds To Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner Lawsuit

Blac Chyna is clapping back at her ex and his sister over their lawsuit. As previously reported Rob claimed that an extremely “high and drunk” Chyna secretly assaulted him during the Christmas holiday by pointing a gun towards him and attempting to strangle him with an iPhone cord. She also allegedly struck him in the head and face and trashed the house they were renting from his little sis Kylie.


Now Chyna’s responding via her attorney Lisa Bloom who’s calling BS on the entire thing.
“The language [in the lawsuit] was very ugly and false,” Bloom said according to Page Six. “The allegations are false. Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna share a baby, Dream. He just entered into a case where he promised not to disparage her and now this.” “Can you win the case at the end of the day?” she asked, rhetorically. “We will have more to announce in her case very soon.”


Clearly, the Chyna VS Kardashian drama is far from over, are you ready for another round?

Shackles On: Tina Campbell Of Mary Mary Says THIS Is Why She Voted For Trump

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Where is Chrisette Michele?

Tina Campbell Explains Voting For Donald Trump

Dear Saints, turn to your neighbor and say, “Neighbor, F*** OUTTA HERE.”  If you thought Tina Campbell of Mary Mary was done talking about Mango Mussolini, you thought wrong. The Mary Mary songstress who was blasted back in January for explaining that she “accepts and prays for 45 because of his beliefs in “protecting the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”(WHERE?), recently told The Root ALL about her feelings on Donald Trump. In between rejoicing over this being the final season of her “WEtv reality show “Mary Mary”, Tina told the publication that she while she “doesn’t agree with a lot of his decisions”, she thinks Cheeto In Chief’s Christian values align with hers which is why she voted for him.
“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of,” said Campbell. “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote. Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make me vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.”

Trump’s Christian values? Must be TWO Christianities Tina because p***y grabbin’ ain’t in ours.
“Many of the decisions that he has made afterwards, I have not been in agreement with at all, which I wasn’t in agreement with my last president that I voted for,” she added to The Root. “But however, as a Christian, my perspective is to pray for the president, to not use my social platforms or other platforms to try to destroy this man, because at the end of the day, he still represents the country that I live in.”
Tina also made sure to emphasize that the black church has improperly made a “God” out of the burnt-sienna boy and should depend on the real God for guidance.
“So all the fear that I was hearing in churches everywhere and amongst African-American people, I was like, ‘Man, we’re making a god out of this fellow. We think that our life is going to go to hell in a handbasket if he don’t get it right. And is he our god or is God our god? Are we going to pray for him or are we going to continue to bash him, which don’t help nothing?’

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

“I don’t make those statements to become politically charged,” she continued. “I have an opinion and I expressed it because I was so disheartened from what I was hearing in churches in our community. So that is literally where that came from. Not a ‘Let me tell everybody how for Donald Trump I am and try to get everybody to be on the Trump train.’ That was not it.
Stop complaining and start praying? That’s truly the “God in her” because ’round these parts……….

< p style="text-align:center;">What do YOU think about Tina Campbell’s Trump comments??? We’re praying for you, sis. Instagram Photo

More on the flip.

STFU Forever: Tomi Lahren Fired MORE Shots At Kap & Got DRAGGED AGAIN

Twitter Vs. Tomi Lahren (AGAIN)

We don’t know why the hateful dollop of dumpster mayo known as Tomi Lahren is allowed to say words out loud at any moment, anywhere, but she is, and fired MORE shots at her favorite target (and obvious crush) Colin Kaepernick over his 2pac shirt in a genuinely pathetic moment that sparked YET ANOTHER well-deserved dragging to Beckyville and back.

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