Love & Hip Hop Ep.3: Juju & Remy Talk Kids, Anais Ambush Got Her Crying, And More [Video]

So much went on last night on #LHHNY, we honestly don’t know where to begin. Dreamdoll jumps in the Bianca and Bree beef plus Lil Mo sings at the park.   Turn the pages and see all the highlights we could gather.

Love & Hip-Hop New York: Lil Mo Finally Showed Up And Twitter Erupted With Shade


Lil Mo Returns And Twitter Went Crazy

As we mentioned before, LHHNY has been trying to find a new franchise player in the absence of Cardi B. Well Lil Mo is back and while she’s already been a star in the past, it’s not a bad idea to have her come mix things up a bit. Twitter was definitely here for it and had their artilleries in place for all the shade and slander.

So let’s enjoy all the Lil Mo shade we can before she comes for all of us. *Hides behind desk*

Please, Baby Please: A Gallery Of Reasons Boobie Can’t Get Over Keyshia Cole

Instagram Photo

Boobie Misses Keyshia Cole

If you watched the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood reunion then you saw Boobie having a hard time keeping it together while Keyshia Cole sang her song. We could tell that he desperately misses her and we can see why… Instagram Photo Keyshia still got it and has even glo’d up a bit, too. So take a look at why he’s sad to see her go.

That Didn’t Last Long: Cam Newton Is Back To Getting Dragged For His Trash Sexist Comments

Cam Newton Spouts Sexism

Cam, Cam, Cam. Just when we thought Cam Newton had seen the light and was getting woke, he went ahead and did something dumb again. When asked a football question but a woman reporter, Cam said it’s funny to hear “females” talk about route running.

Well, that’s sexist. And now Cam is getting rightfully roasted for his stupidity.

Man, Cam. We were rooting for you…

Bae Of The Day: Why K. Michelle Is Still Fine Even With A Shrunken Donk

Instagram Photo

K. Michelle Is Bae

In case you didn’t now, K. Michelle is getting her massive donk minimized a bit because that wagon is a bit much for her. While some people are sad over the fact, we have to admit it might be a good look for her. That thing was getting distracting anyway. Instagram Photo So we grabbed a few pics of the songstress to show you that she can still be fine without her massive backside in all the pics like a Bad Boy producer. Take a look…

Mild and Hendog! The Funniest Reactions To Shannon Sharpe Giving Us The Blackest Moment In TV History


Shannon Sharpe For President

He did it again. Shannon Sharpe acted an entire donkey yesterday morning on his show Undisputed with Skip Bayless. How did he do it this time? By bringing a black n’ mild out and talking about that Hen Dawg! Underrated aspect is him saying his eyes are going to be yellow like Michael Jordan’s.

Somewhere Jason Whitlock is at a Golden Corral confused that you can be successful AND black as hell at the same damn time. Poor Whitty. Anyway, shout out to Shannon. Nothing but respect for our President. Peep the reactions.

Gucci Is Lucky: Keyshia Ka’oir’s Impossibly Fitting Stage Outfit Destroyed Twitter


Gucci Is A Lucky Man

It’s Woptober! You know what that means: Gucci Mane and Keyshia are getting married this month. To celebrate, she hopped on stage with her man and wore this X-Men looking getup that nobody seems to understand. How did it fit? What’s it attached to? Who knows. We just know she looked thickly and heavenly than a mofo. Instagram Photo Take a look and see more pics to show how Gucci is head over heels.

Someone Took A Picture Of Cam Newton With The Flash On And Twitter Is Very Confused


Welcome Back, Cam Newton

What do ya know? Suddenly Cam Newton has come out blazing and displaying his happy blackness and look what happens: he’s back to MVP Cam status again. That’s right. Cam Newton went to Foxboro and destroyed the Patriots defense. What can explain his sudden explosive play? Well, for one, he’s reclaiming his blackness.

Cam Newton scored a touchdown and proudly raised a fist. Then this is what he said when asked about it.

It looks like #AllLivesMatter Cam is dead…for now. And the black MVP we knew and loved is back at it. What a time.