Love At First Okurrrt: A Look Back At Cardi & Offset’s Brutiful Bodak Baeship

2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals

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Cardi & Offset’s Brutiful Luhhh (Before The Breakup)

Ah man, it’s not looking good for BardiSet who seemingly split after messy evidence of ‘Set’s side piece shenanigans spilled onto the internet and stirred up hilarious hysteria. Yea, things are dicey–very dicey–but, hey, at least we have these pics to remind us of better days in their brutiful bodak baeship.
Celebrity Sightings in New York City

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Hit the flip for a look back at Cardi & Offset’s brutiful Bodak baeship.

24K Petty: Funniest (And PETTIEST) Memes From The 2018 Grammys

Hilarious Memes From The 2018 Grammys

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards was a neverrrrrr-ending celebration of music excellence (and eyebrow-raising snubbery) splashed with your favorite stars, Her Royal Slayness Queen Bey, decent/terrible performances and not-very-surprising “surprises” that inspired a wave of hilarious memes.

Hit the flip for the funniest memes from the 2018 Grammys.

Trump “Honored” Rosa Parks With His Orange Little Twitter Fingers & All Hell Broke Loose

Twitter Vs. Trump (A G A I N)

We’re just ready for President Cheeto Crusty and his orange little Twitter fingers to go. FOREVER. Enough is enough and he tried it YET AGAIN by tweeting out a cringe-worthy tribute to Rosa Parks on the anniversary of the greatest “Nah” ever that sparked endless chaos (and outrage) across Twitter.

Peep the must-see reactions to Trump’s baffling Rosa Parks tribute on the flip.

Love & Hip-Hop New York: Lil Mo Finally Showed Up And Twitter Erupted With Shade


Lil Mo Returns And Twitter Went Crazy

As we mentioned before, LHHNY has been trying to find a new franchise player in the absence of Cardi B. Well Lil Mo is back and while she’s already been a star in the past, it’s not a bad idea to have her come mix things up a bit. Twitter was definitely here for it and had their artilleries in place for all the shade and slander.

So let’s enjoy all the Lil Mo shade we can before she comes for all of us. *Hides behind desk*

Hellurrrrr Black Panthurrrrr: Tyler Perry Revealed Discussions With Marvel & Shook Up Twitter

Tyler Perry Terrifies Twitter With Marvel Revelation

King of the chitlin gravy-scented aunties Tyler Perry recently took off his wig and fat suit and revealed that he’s discussed directing a superhero flick with BOTH Marvel Studios and DC in an eyebrow-raising Screen Rant interview that shook up the internet. Now, to be fair, writer/director/producer/dress-wearer Tyler DID build a mega-successful Black movie empire with a massive (and fiercely loyal) fan base so the meetings make sense but that didn’t stop all Hell from breaking loose across Black Twitter. (Madea Goes To Wakanda? shivers) Peep some hilarious Twitter hysteria over Tyler’s secret Marvel convos on the flip.

Please, Baby Please: A Gallery Of Reasons Boobie Can’t Get Over Keyshia Cole

Instagram Photo

Boobie Misses Keyshia Cole

If you watched the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood reunion then you saw Boobie having a hard time keeping it together while Keyshia Cole sang her song. We could tell that he desperately misses her and we can see why… Instagram Photo Keyshia still got it and has even glo’d up a bit, too. So take a look at why he’s sad to see her go.

That Didn’t Last Long: Cam Newton Is Back To Getting Dragged For His Trash Sexist Comments

Cam Newton Spouts Sexism

Cam, Cam, Cam. Just when we thought Cam Newton had seen the light and was getting woke, he went ahead and did something dumb again. When asked a football question but a woman reporter, Cam said it’s funny to hear “females” talk about route running.

Well, that’s sexist. And now Cam is getting rightfully roasted for his stupidity.

Man, Cam. We were rooting for you…

Here’s What Happened When The Juice Was Loosed From Prison

O.J. Got Free & Shattered The Internet

The whole entire world is in shambles, but hey, at least the Juice is officially loose after serving 9 years in prison (for stealing his own property) that ended with a very lowkey release and never-ending hysteria across the internet.

Peep the Twitter chaos over the Juice’s release on the flip.

Mild and Hendog! The Funniest Reactions To Shannon Sharpe Giving Us The Blackest Moment In TV History


Shannon Sharpe For President

He did it again. Shannon Sharpe acted an entire donkey yesterday morning on his show Undisputed with Skip Bayless. How did he do it this time? By bringing a black n’ mild out and talking about that Hen Dawg! Underrated aspect is him saying his eyes are going to be yellow like Michael Jordan’s.

Somewhere Jason Whitlock is at a Golden Corral confused that you can be successful AND black as hell at the same damn time. Poor Whitty. Anyway, shout out to Shannon. Nothing but respect for our President. Peep the reactions.

Gucci Is Lucky: Keyshia Ka’oir’s Impossibly Fitting Stage Outfit Destroyed Twitter


Gucci Is A Lucky Man

It’s Woptober! You know what that means: Gucci Mane and Keyshia are getting married this month. To celebrate, she hopped on stage with her man and wore this X-Men looking getup that nobody seems to understand. How did it fit? What’s it attached to? Who knows. We just know she looked thickly and heavenly than a mofo. Instagram Photo Take a look and see more pics to show how Gucci is head over heels.