In White Folks News: Paul Walker’s Daughter Settles With Porsche In Wrongful Death Suit

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 07: Actor Paul Walker attends the World Premiere of ‘Fast & Furious 6’ at Empire Leicester Square on May 7, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Porsche Settles With Paul Walker’s Daughter

18-year-old Meadow Walker just quietly settled with car company Porsche in the wrongful death of her dad, actor Paul Walker according to the NY Daily News. Paul Walker was killed in a fiery crash in Santa Clarita, California, when the Porsche Carrera GT he was a passenger in crashed and exploded. The suit was filed against Porsche in 2015, claiming the manufacturer had not installed proper safety features in the vehicle. Meadow’s suit made the point that if the safety feature had been installed, her father would still be alive. No details of the settlement have been made public, but it’s safe to assume she was handsomely reward. Back in 2015, Meadow Walker was awarded $10.1 million to be paid into a trust after reaching a settlement withRoger Rodas’ estate, the man driving the Porsche when her father died. Paul left his entire $25 Million estate to his daughter when he passed. R.I.P.  

Got Eeeeeem: Joy Ann Reid Destroys Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh For Tweeting “Ni**er” To Defend Donald Trump

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Joy Ann Reid Roasts Racist Rhetoric Joe Walsh

This weekend, SNL’s Michael Che became one of Black America’s greatest heroes when he called Donald Trump both a “b!tc#” and a “cracka” on live national television during Weekend Update. Per usual, a dusty azz white person feigned outrage and tried to equate “cracka” to “ni**er”.

Joe’s mentions are still smoldering behind this headazz hot take, but one person in particular had TIME.

Oh, but sista Joy Ann Reid wasn’t done there. Flip it a few times to see the rest of her 140-character undressing of Abercrombie azzhole Joe Walsh.

Pathetic POTUS: Kimmy Cakes Has Had ENOUGH Of Donald Trump’s Donald Trumpiness


Kim Kardashian Calls Out POTUS’ Puerto Rico Efforts

There’s only a few things that are guaranteed on the internet, and one of them is that if Kim Kardashian (or any of the Kardashian sisters) posts absolutely anything, people will find a way to hate on it. Hate Kim K you may, but her and her family have been at the forefront of celebrities donating cash to the efforts for the recent natural disasters. The profits from her recent Vogue Mexico cover shoot went to hurricane relief for Mexico and Kim’s been very vocal about urging fans to donate with her to Puerto Rico. In what is unfortunately very unsurprising news, Donald Trump has been less than supportive of Puerto Rico since their devastation from Hurricane Maria, and has started to even call out their mayor insisting she’s a bad leader. We already knew President Cheeto didn’t like brown people, but since he found out PR is apart of the United States a few days ago, he’s been hurting them more than helping. Americans have been all the way fed up with how POTUS has handled the situation, even Kim K. After Don tweeted at the people of PR to not believe fake news, she responded with the quickness.

round of applause Of course, the first reply is someone suggesting Kim stop taking selfies to help herself (ha ha) but as much as people criticize celebrities…it’s not their job to help, it’s the president’s job. Shoutout to Kim and all the other celebs with a big reach using their voice and money for good.

Gold Diggers, Rejoice! Hugh Hefner’s 3rd Wife WILL Be Rewarded For 5 Years Of Wrinkly Romance

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Crystal Hefner Won’t Be Stiff-Armed After All

It was reported before that Crystal Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s wife from 2012 until his passing this week, would be awarded absolutely nothing following his death. Reports said that the Playboy founder’s will stated all of Hugh’s money would be divided among his 4-children, and Crystal signed a prenup before they wed agreeing that she would take nothing when the time came. This seemed a little odd, considering the reason most would suppose a young girl gets married to a wealthy old man, but to each her own… Now, however, it seems like that info was incorrect. Though it still may be true that his 3rd wife was never added to be a part of his will, Hugh made sure to get wifey right in other ways. According to TMZ, Hugh bought Crystal a 5,900 square foot house in the Hollywood Hills back in 2013 shortly after the two got married–the 4 bedroom, 5 bath house is held in a trust controlled by Crystal. Sources familiar with Hef’s estate also revealed that he left her $5 million, which is said to be part of the prenup they signed before getting married. All faith in gold digging has been restored.