The Biggest Beefs Of 2018

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The Biggest Beefs Of 2018

2018 will go down in history as one of the most memorable years ever—for a bunch of reasons, including the many, many beefs we bore witness to. From Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj to Migos vs Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony more recently, there has been no shortage of celebs dragging other celebs online. Hit the flip for the biggest beefs to unravel right before our very eyes this year.

Hip-Hop Beef: Mad Skillz Disses Uncle Murda For Constantly Biting His Yearly “Rap Up”

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Mad Skillz Disses Uncle Murda Over Year-End “Rap Up”

For years now, people have looked forward to Mad Skillz year-end “Rap Up”. Recently, Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda has attempted to appropriate the concept to fulfill his own MTA-scented, turnstile-hoppin’, Timbs-in-July, oversized Yankee fitted, deadass, b dreams. Skillz gave country to Uncle of homicide for a while, today, that came to an end. Press play. Well, that escalated quickly. Who’s “Rap Up” do you prefer?

Nicki Minaj Explains What She’s Done For Female MC’s & Gives Props To Lil Kim [Video]

Instagram Photo Nicki paid homage to Foxy & Lil Kim with her spiel and we’ve noticed her moves are a lot more calculated since Cardi came out. Turn the pages for more from Nicki’s gram…

Hot Memphis Beef: A (Very Extensive) History Of The Nearly-Fatal Feud Between Young Dolph And Yo Gotti

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The Long History Of Young Dolph And Yo Gotti’s Relationship

Yo Gotti has inarguably received more mainstream success in the past couple of years than any other artist from Memphis. Especially with his most recent single, “Rake It Up” with Nicki Minaj peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, Yo Gotti is hotter than he’s ever been. Young Dolph is another rapper from Memphis, and though he may not be a household name, he’s undoubtedly some serious competition for Gotti as the king of Memphis. He’s a self-made millionaire who often boasts about his refusal to sign to anyone, and the musical accomplishments he’s made without a label is indeed impressive. On Tuesday, Young Dolph was shot multiple times on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles, California. Though Yo Gotti was initially taken in as a person of interest–and it has been said that the shooting happened as a result of the two artists staying in the same hotel and getting into an argument–Corey McClendon, one of Gotti’s supposed associates, ended up actually being arrested. If you’re new to the Dolph/Gotti beef, or even if you’re fans of both and just aren’t sure where exactly their feud began, here’s an extensive timeline of the tumultuous relationship between the Memphis rappers: