Hip-Hop Beef: Mad Skillz Disses Uncle Murda For Constantly Biting His Yearly “Rap Up”

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Mad Skillz Disses Uncle Murda Over Year-End “Rap Up”

For years now, people have looked forward to Mad Skillz year-end “Rap Up”. Recently, Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda has attempted to appropriate the concept to fulfill his own MTA-scented, turnstile-hoppin’, Timbs-in-July, oversized Yankee fitted, deadass, b dreams. Skillz gave country to Uncle of homicide for a while, today, that came to an end. Press play. Well, that escalated quickly. Who’s “Rap Up” do you prefer?

Sweet Scammy Love: Blac Chyna Cuffs Up Playboi Carti For The Whole World To See

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Blac Chyna Posts Playboi Carti On Her Instagram

If there was any doubt about whether or not Playboi Carti and Blac Chyna were a real thing, Chyna posted him on her IG late Sunday night… Instagram Photo Do you think he came to Dream’s birthday party? If you were Rob would you be concerned about Carti becoming your daughter’s stepdad? Instagram Photo

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Diddy Changes His Name For The Fifth Time On His 48th Birthday


Here we go again…

Diddy Changes His Name To “Love”

Diddy has a new name—-AGAIN. The Bad Boy/REVOLT TV head is currently celebrating his 48th birthday in Mexico with Cassie, French Montana and his kids… Instagram Photo and he’s announcing that he has a new name. According to Diddy, he will no longer answer to Diddy, just “LOVE” or “Brother LOVE” instead. “Hey y’all. I have some very serious serious news,” said “LOVE. “I’ve been praying on this. I decided that—I know it’s risky and I know it’s corny to some people—but I decided to change my name again. I’m just not who I am before,” he added. “I’m something different.” Instagram Photo Put the CÎROC down sir. Diddy changed his name from Puff Daddy to Sean John in ’98, then Puffy in ’99, he then went to P. Diddy and most recently it was just Diddy.

Do YOU think Diddy’s really gonna go by LOVE???

Instagram Photo

More from his 48th birthday on the flip.

Gucci Mane And Quavo Honor Their Favorite Place On Earth With New Clip For “Met Gala” [Video]

Gucci Mane and Quavo come together for the Atlanta-est sound possible in 2017. It’s not the national anthem, but what do you think of their new collab? YouTube/Getty

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Vivian Green Drops New Visuals For “I Don’t Know” [VIDEO]

Vivian Green Releases New Video For “I Don’t Know”

A few weeks ago we had a chance to premiere the newest single from Vivian Green, “I Don’t Know” and today we are excited to share the visuals to accompany that song. What do you think? You can pre-order her new project VGVI HERE. The album drops this week.

Like Father, Like Son: Daddy Graham Gets Huge Tattoo Of Drake’s Face On His Arm

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Drake’s Dad Tattoos Son’s Face On Him

For anybody who might not have known that Dennis Graham was Drake’s father, there’s absolutely no denying it now. The proud daddy got Drake’s face prominently inked on his right arm, in a photo with Drake’s signature pout and freshly-sharpied hairline. Sources told TMZ that Drake’s dad met tattoo artist Money Mike at his birthday party and told him he wanted to get the ink to match Drake getting his dad’s mug shot tattooed on his arm in 2014. Money Mike went to Dennis’ house only a few days later and got him right with Drake’s face in a 4-hour session. He even did the tattoo for free. Dennis still has some work to do if he wants to catch up with his son’s tattoo addiction. Drizzy has the faces of Sade, his father, Lil Wayne, and a bunch more. Y’all feeling Daddy Dennis’ fresh ink?