Love At First Okurrrt: A Look Back At Cardi & Offset’s Brutiful Bodak Baeship

2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals

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Cardi & Offset’s Brutiful Luhhh (Before The Breakup)

Ah man, it’s not looking good for BardiSet who seemingly split after messy evidence of ‘Set’s side piece shenanigans spilled onto the internet and stirred up hilarious hysteria. Yea, things are dicey–very dicey–but, hey, at least we have these pics to remind us of better days in their brutiful bodak baeship.
Celebrity Sightings in New York City

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Katt Williams Settles Lawsuit For $10K After Allegedly Beating The Brakes Off A Woman While His Witches Casted Spells

Katt Williams Settles Lawsuit Out Of Court

 the actress who claimed he assaulted her has decided to settle matters outside of court for more than $10,000. The victim, Jamila Majesty, claimed that she visited Katt’s’ Malibu crib in 2016. After arriving at the residence, there were several other women in attendance. The actress says she used Williams personal bathroom, which resulted in the him getting belligerent and yelling, “no one uses my bathroom.” Allegedly, Williams and the women in his home then began to beat Majesty until she lost conciseness. During the beating which allegedly lasted for 3 hours, the victim claims that Katt burned her with a cigarette. Also she claims that during the beating one woman was “reading a book about witchcraft and casting spells while throwing questionable items into a nearby fire”. Majesty escaped the mansion and drove home without calling the police in total fear that Williams would retaliate. She filed a lawsuit for assault, battery, emotional distress and false imprisonment after a few months.  

24K Petty: Funniest (And PETTIEST) Memes From The 2018 Grammys

Hilarious Memes From The 2018 Grammys

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards was a neverrrrrr-ending celebration of music excellence (and eyebrow-raising snubbery) splashed with your favorite stars, Her Royal Slayness Queen Bey, decent/terrible performances and not-very-surprising “surprises” that inspired a wave of hilarious memes.

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Trump “Honored” Rosa Parks With His Orange Little Twitter Fingers & All Hell Broke Loose

Twitter Vs. Trump (A G A I N)

We’re just ready for President Cheeto Crusty and his orange little Twitter fingers to go. FOREVER. Enough is enough and he tried it YET AGAIN by tweeting out a cringe-worthy tribute to Rosa Parks on the anniversary of the greatest “Nah” ever that sparked endless chaos (and outrage) across Twitter.

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Hellurrrrr Black Panthurrrrr: Tyler Perry Revealed Discussions With Marvel & Shook Up Twitter

Tyler Perry Terrifies Twitter With Marvel Revelation

King of the chitlin gravy-scented aunties Tyler Perry recently took off his wig and fat suit and revealed that he’s discussed directing a superhero flick with BOTH Marvel Studios and DC in an eyebrow-raising Screen Rant interview that shook up the internet. Now, to be fair, writer/director/producer/dress-wearer Tyler DID build a mega-successful Black movie empire with a massive (and fiercely loyal) fan base so the meetings make sense but that didn’t stop all Hell from breaking loose across Black Twitter. (Madea Goes To Wakanda? shivers) Peep some hilarious Twitter hysteria over Tyler’s secret Marvel convos on the flip.

Here’s What Happened When The Juice Was Loosed From Prison

O.J. Got Free & Shattered The Internet

The whole entire world is in shambles, but hey, at least the Juice is officially loose after serving 9 years in prison (for stealing his own property) that ended with a very lowkey release and never-ending hysteria across the internet.

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Hail Mary: Here’s What Erica Campbell Thinks About Her Sister Getting Bible Thumped For Trump

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It’s the God in her…

Erica Campbell Defends Her Sister Tina From Trump Criticism

After her sister/Mary Mary counterpart got bible thumped for admitting to voting for Trump, Erica Campbell is issuing a response. As previously reported people are BIG mad that Erica’s sister Tina stated that while she “doesn’t agree with a lot of his decisions”, she thinks Cheeto In Chief’s Christian values align with hers, which is why she voted for him.
“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of,” said Campbell to The Root. “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote. Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make me vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.”

She added however that “many of his decisions” she hasn’t been in agreement with at all but nonetheless she’s been getting eviscerated to Ecclesiastes for her comments.

and now her sister’s jumping in to defend her. According to Erica Campbell, reports that “Trump’s Christianity caused Tina Campbell to vote for him” are untrue. Instagram Photo You sure?

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STFU Forever: Tomi Lahren Fired MORE Shots At Kap & Got DRAGGED AGAIN

Twitter Vs. Tomi Lahren (AGAIN)

We don’t know why the hateful dollop of dumpster mayo known as Tomi Lahren is allowed to say words out loud at any moment, anywhere, but she is, and fired MORE shots at her favorite target (and obvious crush) Colin Kaepernick over his 2pac shirt in a genuinely pathetic moment that sparked YET ANOTHER well-deserved dragging to Beckyville and back.

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Money Moves: Forbes Reveals The World’s Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Artists In 2017


The Highest Earning Rappers This Year Might Surprise You

Forbes’ list of the highest paid hip-hop artists always looks pretty similar at the top. Just like last year–even though he’s not so much an artist anymore–Diddy finds himself at the top with $130 million dollars earned. Of course, his and all other artists’ revenue isn’t only from music. As a matter of fact, it would probably be a safe bet to say most of the more lucrative avenues for these artists isn’t from streaming or album sales, but other deals. Number 20 on the list is Lil Yachty, who at 20-years-old brought in $11 million this year. He got there by performing live over 100 times, and snagging endorsement deals with Sprite, Target, and Nautica. Rick Ross and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are tied for the 18th/19th spot, both making $11.5 million. Ross made some of his money through his Wingstop and Checkers franchises, while Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made a majority of theirs touring together. Swizz Beats is the next highest earner bringing in $14 million, partly due to his new gig at Bacardi’s creative director. Number 17 is Lil Wayne, who brought in $15.5 million from touring and a deal with Samsung. Right above him is labelmate Nicki Minaj who raked up $16 million through endorsements with MAC and T Mobile, and her guest verses. Snoop Dogg’s career is still going strong, coming in at number 15. He made $16.5 million this year from his show, Martha And Snoop’s Potluck Dinner, his Youtube interview series, and his cannabis lifestyle platform, Merry Jane. J Cole brought in $19 million from touring, playing festivals, and having very highly performing streams and album sales. At number 12 is Birdman, making out with $20 million, with artists like Drake, Nicki, and Wayne, it’s no surprise he’s on the list. Kanye West brought in $22 million, touring and playing festival dates before the tour’s untimely cancellation. He also has his Adidas deal along with high-grossing merchandise pop-up shops that helped him stay earning. Next on the list is Future with $23 million, DJ Khaled with $24 million, and Pitbull with $27 million. Future’s streaming numbers are 2nd in hip-hop only behind Drake, Khaled has deals with Champs, Apple, and expensive DJ gigs, and Pitbull sells out arenas internationally. Number 7 is Wiz Khalifa with $28 million, who  made bank with his own strand of weed and an accompanying app. Kendrick Lamar is next on the list with $30 million–his already double platinum album DAMN. contributed to that income, but the rapper also earns over $1 million with every single tour date. The top 5 starts with Chance The Rapper, making $33 million through his deals with Apple and Kit Kat, along with touring. Right above him is Dr. Dre with $34.5 million, not as big as his $620 million payout from Apple in 2014, but he still gets money from them as well as royalties for his large catalog. Number 3 is Jay Z, who made $42 million this year from signing a huge touring deal with Live Nation and playing a number of festivals throughout the summer. Drake comes in at number 2 with a whopping $94 million, with money from huge tours, being the highest streaming artist, and deals with Apple, Nike, and Sprite. As previously stated, Diddy comes in at number  once again this year with $130 million for things like his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour and Ciroc.    

Heyyy Ms. Officer: Meet The Gorgeous Cop Bae Serving Looks & Protecting Greater Atlanta

Instagram Photo

Officer Ognelodh Is Sizzling The Internet

We don’t deserve officer Danielle Ognelodh who’s deeply committed to the Atlanta community she serves and protects on the daily. If you missed it, she went viral after praying over a child outside of Zone 1 in Bankhead in a heart-melting moment that proved quality cops with empathy still exist, especially in our communities. (Oh, and she fine too!) Instagram Photo Hit the flip to meet gorgeous cop bae Danielle Ognelodh.