Messy Divorces: Matt Barnes Asks Ex-Wife Gloria To Turn Over Bank Records After Mysterious Bands Appear In Account

Matt Barnes Files Motion To Retrieve Gloria’s Bank Records

Matt Barnes has time to play in court when it comes to his divorce alimony and child support to his ex-wife Gloria Govan. Barnes is alleging that the ex Basketball Wives actress is hiding big bucks after $155,000 mysteriously appeared in her bank account. According to The Blast, Barnes went to court on October 13 to file a motion to compel Govan to hand over bank records so he can find out where the cash came from. Matt is adamant that Gloria has substantial assets and income she hid during their divorce. Barnes is wants the mother of his twin sons to over production of all income, earnings, bank statements and records.  He says she’s failed to provide bank statements from August 2013 – December 2015. Yikes. Barnes ultimately paid $240 racks in spousal to Gloria total and another $20,000 in child support for the kids per month. Barnes is worth $6.1 million. Their hearing over the matter is scheduled for December.  

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