The Whole Fade Is Funny: Crazy Broncos Punches Out Two Guys “YOU Motherf*cker!” [Video]

Denver Broncos fans got into it with…each other while playing the Patriots. SMMFH! BTW: Love the way the cameraman did his job. Please contact Bossip for job inquiry.

Facebook Live: South Carolina Inmate Shanked Up & Jumps Off Second Tier For Snitching! [Video]

This video was released over the weekend and shows inmates in a South Carolina prison stabbing a man before he jumps off the second tier and breaks wide. The South Carolina Department of Corrections has released no official word about the culprits in the video but did say they are low-staffed and fight gang activity daily.

Boyfriend Charged After Getting In Taxi While His Girl Burned In Car At Crash Scene [Video]

An NYC man was filmed leaving the scene of an accident by grabbing a taxi. Besides the fact he is leaving the scene of an ongoing accident, old-boy left his girl in the car to turn into coal. The man is said to have been the cause of the accident and has been charged with manslaughter for letting his girlfriend burn to death.