Game Over: Ray Allen’s Creepy Catfish Cinnamon Apple Drops Recalcitrant Restraining Order

Image via Johnny Louis/Getty Images

Ray Allen’s Catfishy Accuser Randomly Drops Restraining Order

Last month we reported on former NBA baller Ray Allen’s strange-but-true catfish story that involved a man who purported to be several women whom Ray was communicating with via social media. The perpetrator, Bryant Coleman, threatened to release the sexually explicit conversations and subsequently filed a restraining order against Allen with claims that the sharp-shooting baller vowed to do him harm. However, both parties reached an agreement that was intended to put the matter behind them. Today, TMZ has broken the news that Ray’s accuser has voluntarily dropped his restraining order without explanation. Says Allen’s lawyer, David Markus:
“We are pleased Coleman voluntarily dismissed the injunction and false claims he made against Ray Allen.” “Ray has never met Coleman. Ray Allen has never spoken with Coleman. Ray has never threatened him or anyone. He wants nothing to do with him and is looking forward to putting this matter behind him.”

This isn’t the first time that Ray has had a issue with cheating on his wife over social media and at this rate he’s going to go down in flames like Anthony Weiner if he doesn’t get his s#!t together.

Mayo Matters LP: Eminem’s Revival Album Leaked And Fans Are Dragging It Across 8 Mile

(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for MTV)

Eminem really tried with this album. He did. He tried to speak on Trump, uplift black folks and be an all-around ally. However, if the leaks are the final version then guess what: it still isn’t a good album. Sorry, Marshall. Twitter got ahold of the early release and absolutely obliterated the lyrics and the bad puns. Damn, Em. In the 20th Century you were the mannnnn Em. We still love you, but Revival ain’t it.

Take a look at the demolition.