Athlete Activism: Muhammad Ali’s Ex-Wife Khalilah Ali Says He’d Be Proud Of Kaepernick And Others [Audio]

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Khalilah Ali Says Muhammad Ali Would Be Proud Of Protesting Atletes

Whenever a Black athlete stands up for a social issue, there is usually a Muhammad Ali comparison right around the corner. While it could be seen as cliché or a slightly ill-fighting similarity in some cases, Ali’s voice has and will continue to inspire millions. The Champ’s ex-wife, Khalilah Ali, told TMZ Sports that her former husband would be proud to see that Colin Kaepernick and his athlete brethren aren’t going ostrich when the heat is on. *Black power fist*

Rob Kardashian Is Apparently Too Broke To Pay Blac Chyna’s $20k Per Month Child Support

Rob Kardashian Doesn’t Have Enough Money To Pay Child Support

Looks like we’ve pinpointed the REAL reason for that lawsuit over Chyna laying a Christmas smackdown on Rob and his gingerbread house last year… It may come as little surprise that Rob Kardashian doesn’t actually have $20,000 a month to hand over to his baby mama Blac Chyna, despite agreeing to dole out that amount in court a few months back. The rest of the Kardashian girls who actually leave the house and collect checks have been fronting him the money for their arch-nemesis for months…all to make sure that lil Dream is okay and that Rob can maintain 50/50 custody with Chyna. Apparently, she told him that if he didn’t pay up, that little restraining order she filed against him after he released her private pics would bite him in his wide behind. Rob could potentially petition to have the amount lowered, based on the fact that he has no income whatsoever since he isn’t on reality TV and no one is checking for his weak-azz socks. But it looks like they’ve opted to try to get the money back via lawsuit instead. SMH. Yall send a prayer up for Dream growing up in this struggly circus… Getty/WENN/Splash

Muhammad Ali Would’ve Been Proud of NFL Protesters, Ex-Wife Says

         Muhammad Ali would have been in full support of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem ... because his ex-wife tells TMZ Sports "he would've been right there with them." Khalilah Ali -- who was married to the boxing legend from '67 to&hellip;</a><br /><br />

Kim, Khloe & Kylie Baby Prop Bets: Lots of Dough if You Go With Them Boys!!!

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Drake’s Dad Inks Monster Tattoo of Drake’s Face on His Arm

        Drake's dad is nothing if not proud of his son, and he'll be reminding everyone of that ... for the rest of his life. Dennis Graham got an enormous tattoo of his boy's face on his right arm&#160; ... compliments of tattoo artist, Money Mike. We're&hellip;</a><br /><br />

Stevie Wonder: NFL Protests Don’t Disrespect the Flag, Trump’s Disrespecting the People

         Stevie Wonder &#65279;is telling TMZ Sports exactly what the national anthem&#160;protests mean to him ... and why taking a knee does NOT disrespect the flag. We asked Stevie about the NFL movement sweeping the country ... and he told us&hellip;</a><br /><br />

Matt Barnes Says Winning Ring with Warriors Was ‘Bittersweet’

         Matt Barnes says he's blessed to have won a ring with the Warriors ... but tells TMZ Sports&#160;the whole thing was "bittersweet." Matt grinded 15 YEARS for a 'chip -- and says it was an "amazing experience" being a part of one of the greatest&hellip;</a><br /><br />